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Regulation of China diatomaceous earth, diatomite indoor air

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Diatom mud to regulate air humidity has a good balance effect, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of static electricity, so compared with other materials, finishes, diatom mud walls is not easy to hang more dust, to maintain long-term clean. Diatom mud not only with environmental protection, and other functions of absorption characteristics and aesthetics also far more than the traditional wall materials.

As diatom mud wall material, because of its ultra-high pore structure, it has a very strong adsorption performance, while at the same time because it belongs to the inorganic minerals, so with a wall material made of non-combustible, noise, light weight and heat insulation Features. Diatom mud is an excellent eco-friendly interior decoration materials, but also has cool, clean air and so on. Diatom mud has a large porosity, absorbent and strong, and can automatically adjust the characteristics of indoor humidity, the ultra-fine porous charcoal more than 5000 times. When the indoor humidity rises, the ultra-fine porous diatom mud automatically absorb moisture in the air, store;

Reduce indoor moisture, humidity Long, diatom mud can be stored in the micropores of the water released from the absorption and release of moisture can produce waterfalls, water molecules into positive and negative ions, positive and negative ions in the group floating around in the air, there are disinfection.

Secondly, diatom mud also has the function to eliminate odors, keep the room clean, can play the role of deodorant, for a long time to eliminate odors and absorb chemicals, keep the interior walls clean. Families with smokers, the walls will not yellow, wall hanging dust is generally due to the air too dry, dust caused by carrying electrostatic adsorption.

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