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Celite large Chinese market demand

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Forming diatom deposits do without a lot of bulk and diatom groups continue to form a precipitate, despite the lack of evidence of actual fossils, but living diatoms apparently widespread throughout geological time. Diatomite Resources in China have been found to account for 20% of the world's proven total, ranking second in the world.

Currently, the price of processed diatomite in 2600 yuan -8000 yuan / ton, mainly in the following purposes: aid, thermal insulation materials, anti-caking agents, soil conditioners, dryers, oil sand, functional fillers, product carriers, setting agent. Diatomite mining methods are open-pit mining and underground mining. Among them, often for large open pit mining reserves of diatomite, low grade, not buried deep mines, such as the pine of Jilin Dun high mine, mine Jilin Meihekou Qu Street, Huadian diatomite ore. The Jilin Changbai Ma'anshan mine, Jilin Hunjiang six coal mine, near Jiangxi Hill ore often used underground mining method.

Related data show that China's reserves of 320 million tons of diatomite, prospective reserves of 20 billion tons, mainly concentrated in eastern and northeastern regions, among the larger, more work done, Jilin, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Sichuan other provinces, although widely distributed, but focused only on high-quality soil, Jilin Changbai, Yunnan two regions, the majority of other deposits in the soil grade 3 to 4 due to high impurity content, not directly deep processing. Thus, the overall poor quality of diatomaceous earth. Local government, it should be adapted to local conditions, the development of local resources, comprehensive utilization of resources and processing industry, comprehensive protection, integration of existing resources diatomaceous earth, diatomite improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources.