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Diatomite range of applications, the largest of Celite Corporation Jilin

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Diatomaceous earth filter aid range of applications:

Condiments: monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar;

Beverages: beer, liquor, wine, wine, drinks, etc;

Pharmaceutical: antibiotics, synthetic plasma, vitamins, herbal extract decoction, various potions and the like;

Treatment categories: water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, water, swimming pool water, bath water;

Chemical products: inorganic acids, organic acids, alkyd resins, titanium sulfate solution, etc;

Industrial oils: lubricants, mechanical cooling oil, transformer oil, all kinds of oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, petroleum and chemical products;

Food oils: Vegetable oils, animal oils;

Sugar industry categories: fruit grape syrup, high fructose corn syrup, glucose syrup, sucrose glycosides, beet sugar, honey;

Other categories: plum preparations, vegetable oil, seaweed gel electrolyte, dairy products, citric acid, gelatin, glue and other raw materials used in the filter, diatomaceous earth filter aid to produce the filter disc, pressure filtration.

Industrial packing Application:

A, pesticide industry: WP, dryland herbicides, paddy field herbicide and a variety of biological pesticides.

Application of diatomite advantages: good PH value neutral, non-toxic, suspension performance, strong adsorption performance, light weight, oil absorption rate of 115%, fineness of 325 mesh --- 500 mesh, mixing uniformity, and not using Used clogged pipes in the soil can play a moisturizing, loose soil, extend the efficacy fertilizer time, contributing to the growth effect crops.

Fertilizer fruit, vegetables, flowers and other crops: B, compound fertilizer industry.

Application of diatomite advantages: strong adsorption properties, light weight, uniform fineness, PH value neutral, non-toxic, mixing uniformity. Diatomite may become efficient fertilizer to promote the growth of crops, soil and other aspects of the role.

C, rubber industry: vehicle tires, rubber tubes, V-belts, rubber scroll, conveyor belts, car mats and other rubber products packing.

Application of diatomite advantages: can significantly enhance the rigidity and strength of the product, sedimentation volume of 95%, and improve product heat, wear, thermal insulation, anti-aging effects of chemical properties.

D, building insulation industry: roof insulation, insulation bricks, calcium silicate insulation materials, porous briquette furnace noise insulation fire decorative panels insulation, insulation, insulation materials, wall insulation decorative plates, tiles, ceramics products;

Application of diatomite advantages: diatomite should be incorporated in cement additives, plus 5% of diatomaceous earth in the production of cement, you can do to improve the strength of ZMP, cement SiO2 becomes active, the cement can be used as emergency action.

E, plastics industry: the life of plastic products, plastic building products, agricultural plastic, plastic windows and doors, all kinds of plastic pipe, light and heavy industries other plastic products.

Application of diatomite advantages: excellent stretch resistance, has high impact strength, tensile strength, tear strength, lightweight soft inner wear resistance, good compressive strength engage in other aspects of quality role.

F, paper: office paper, industrial paper and other paper;

Application of diatomite advantages: lighter physique soft fineness of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh range, diatomaceous earth was added to make the paper smooth, light weight, high strength, reduce humidity changes caused by stretching in the cigarette paper can be adjusted combustion rate, without any toxic side effects, the paper can improve the clarity of filtrate, and filtration rate accelerated.

G, paint and coatings industry: furniture, office paint, architectural coatings, machinery, household appliances paint, oil ink, Lek table, car paint and other paint filler;

Application of diatomite advantages: PH value neutral, non-toxic, fineness of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, physical soft light, is a high-quality oil paint filler.

H, feed industry: pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, birds, fish and other feed additives.

Application of diatomite advantages: PH value neutral, non-toxic, diatomaceous earth ore has a unique pore structure, light weight soft, porosity, strong adsorption properties, the formation of pale pastel color, into the feed bar can be uniformly dispersed and mixed with the feed particles bonded, easily separated precipitate livestock after eating to promote digestion and can bacterial poultry gastrointestinal absorption excreted, enhance physical fitness, to play the role of gluten bone health, aquatic fish served in pond pool the water clean, good air permeability, improve the survival rate of aquatic products.

I, friction polishing industry: vehicle brake pads polishing, mechanical steel, wood furniture, glass, etc;

Application of diatomite advantages: strong lubrication properties.

J, leather leather industry: leather and other leather products.

Application of diatomite advantages: strong sunscreen, physical soft light, eliminate pollution leather

K, filling balloons quality products: light capacity, PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light, soft silty smooth, good strength properties, high temperature resistant sunscreen.

L, a high-quality diatomaceous earth filler used in mosquito coils, diatomaceous earth can absorb enhancing drugs kill mosquito effect.

Application of diatomite advantages: PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light weight 0.35, the fine powder should play a mix of the good, SiO267%, to promote human health effects.

With the improvement of people's living standards, health awareness must be applied to non-toxic, non-smoking mosquito coils, diatomaceous earth can play combustion, smoke-free, non-toxic, welcomed by users.

Diatomite granule adsorbent desiccants Application:

Ocean waste gasoline, diesel fuel into the left caused by water pollution in seawater using diatomaceous earth adsorbent can adsorb oil precipitation, clarification of marine water quality, can contribute to the growth of marine aquatic animals. Docks, garages, food industries, oil refineries for the adsorption of various oils and other contaminants Paul decontamination effect. Diatomite desiccant for food medicine moisture drying effect, diatomite desiccants PH value of 6.5-8 is a neutral, non-toxic moisture resistant to good effect.

Diatomite water treatment agent Applications: industrial, sewage treatment.

Application of diatomite advantages: the treated wastewater can be achieved using standard industrial repeat back, after sewage treatment agent diatomite insulation materials can be re-applied to the production, both to avoid secondary pollution, and improve economic efficiency.