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Diatomaceous earth, and what is the difference diatom mud

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Diatomaceous earth is named after the sea single-celled plant diatom death silicate structure through the accumulation of 1-2 years, after crustal movement, ambient temperature and pressure during the transformation A fossil diatoms formed accumulation of soil deposits, the main component is silicon dioxide, but also contains a small amount of magnesium oxide, calcium components, wider application of modern filtration and medical care.

After diatom mud is composed of diatomaceous earth as a major component of the wall material, then in the original form calcined diatomite mine, mill and then add some auxiliary materials and other substances to form a functional wall material.

For wall material is concerned, the essential difference between mud and diatom diatomite is diatomaceous earth just ore, is the main material diatom mud, but not all of diatom mud wall material, but not on content and diatomaceous earth on behalf of its functionality is strong, they want to see together diatom mud binders, fillers, and some add auxiliary substances is reasonable, whether the violation of the original ecology of soil attributes.

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