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Diatomite decoration materials market increasingly large

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Currently, diatomite decoration materials building materials on the market are mainly three categories: one containing impurities naturally dry goods and cheaper prices. The other is an ordinary kiln products. It is to use diatomaceous earth into various shapes sheet metal timber and brick, and then after firing 800 degrees Celsius, a bit like tile, prices generally. The third category is the addition of various additives kiln products. Such material is added with special high-grade products using high-quality diatomaceous earth, and add salt, soda ash or light catalyst additives, at about 1100 degrees Celsius furnace to remove organic impurities, carbon and other substances, firing into each wide variety of high-grade, diatomite ornate interior decoration materials.

Diatomite functional filler

On the market diatomite decoration materials, mainly wall material (sheet), paving materials, sanitary ware, ceiling materials. In the Tokyo market price of common building materials diatomite wall material for multi-¥ 2000 (l dollar about 11 yen) per square meter. Recently, some companies have developed a water-based paint diatomite, the use of such coatings to further strengthen environmental effects diatomite decoration materials.

At the closing of October 2003, China's second session of the Green Building Expo, diatomaceous earth wall material that has inherited the new material formulations and functional interior decorative materials of traditional construction methods, the former Tau Corporation, a large gas traders chemical Materials Co., Ltd. and Otsu tripartite cooperation to China. Materials of this type can effectively remove the odor in the air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC and other harmful substances as well as pet odor, smoke, garbage produced a comprehensive solution to indoor air pollution, improved indoor living environment.