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Diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomite content really is the better it?

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Many consumers in the purchase of diatom mud, often asked: "your home diatomaceous earth content is how much?" And deemed the higher the quality of the content of diatomite diatom mud will be better, in fact it is only consumption 's imagination, there is no real basis at all, today the forest diatom mud came to talk with you, diatom mud diatomaceous earth content of how much.

       Diatomaceous earth, minerals itself is a comprehensive, not a single substance, the main ingredients are silica, alumina, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and organic, natural diatomite silica content of more than 70 %. It is precisely because so complex diatomite component can not be detected by the detector is its content.

       At present, enterprises self-made standard content diatom mud diatomaceous earth are executed, in theory certainly diatomaceous earth content is higher, the better functionality, but the diatomite adhesion is poor, if diatomite content exceeds a certain limit, it will appear on the diatom mud wall and the powder out phenomenon, undermining the diatom mud decorative, and people's lives bring great distress. Like in the past, when a wall of mud paste done when there will always be cracks in the wet rainy weather as the walls will soften the truth.

In general, the content of diatom mud Celite between 30% -50% is normal and reasonable. However, if the content is too low it will affect their diatomite functional play, when buying diatom mud of how to identify the content of diatomaceous earth and how much?

       Because porous diatomaceous earth, the proportion is much lighter than water, we made the diatom mud finished dry sheet thrown into the water, it should be like a sponge floating in the water, and then after washing sink, if diatoms sheet directly into the bottom mud, indicating a very low content of diatomaceous earth, there will be some impact on the diatom mud clean air functionality. This will directly into the bottom of the diatom mud Celite lower levels do not recommend buying.

       In fact, the diatom mud is good or bad can not be measured by the number of diatomaceous earth content, good diatom mud formulation depends mainly on the manufacturers design and manufacturing production process.